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Other radio essays for World Report: from 13:20, on Black Lives Matter protests (2016), from 22:10, on the drive to remove confederate monuments (August 2017), from 12:25, on Harvey Weinstein (October 2017), and from 18:20, on fossil fuel divestment by New York City (January 2018).

Elsewhere and previously: a theatre review for Paste, reports for Eater on the flatpack Irish pub industry and licensing by celebrity chefs. Other writing on US politics and culture for the Irish Independent, on Irish politics for World Politics Review, and seven years of reporting on both, and everything else, behind paywall at the Sunday Business Post. Winched over that wall, from magazine and web: Eighteen months in America, inauguration something-or-other, election night spit-up, Trump rally delirium, and older interviews with Mark Little, Paul Tweed, and Terry Prone. Some souvenir PDFs: Scenes from the Seanad crusade (2013), Walking the county line (2013), 47 days in courtroom no. 19 (2014), and, co-authored, The curious case of Thomas Byrne (2013).